The Winged Elves were the divine creatures created from the blood of Pan Gu. They were intended to symbolize beauty, grace and purity. The Winged Elves are the only creature with the ability to fly from birth. There are two character classes among the Winged Elves: the Archers, guardians of the Winged Elves; and the Clerics, the Healers of the Winged Elves.

Village Edit

Winged Elves start at Battlemark village, where they must kill 10 monsters before they are given the quest to venture towards their main village, Plume City.

Travel to Plume City Edit

Winged Elves must accept the quest "First time around" and kill either ten Ogre Sprouts or ten Verdant Qingfus. This quest starts and ends with Director Tsan. After completing this quest, the player will get another quest, ordering him or her to go to Plume City and meet the elder.

Racial Traits and Abilities Edit

Seeing as the WInged Elves are the offspring of Pan Gu and the Humans , they are extremely beautiful. They also have bird-like wings that enable them to fly from level one, while the other races must wait until level thirty. On top of this, they have heightened senses.

Available Classes Edit

The highborne Winged Elves are allowed to choose of the following two classes:

1. Archers
2. Clerics

Both of these classes can make good use of their race's wings.

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