Step 1

  • Speak to the Elder (328, 428)
  • Time Limit: 5:00 min
  • Collect Token of Trial (Location: 323, 427 ↑ 31)
  • Farmed from the Chest of Trial. Only one person at a time may farm. It has been reported that a possible bug is that you cannot farm even if you are alone. Causes of bug unknown. You must fly in order to reach the box.)

Step 2

  • Report to the Elder (328, 428)
  • Reward 1: Small Guardian Hierogram [Small Guardian Charm]: 1 (When your HP reaches below 50%, it is automatically refilled with this activated (10000/10000) )
  • Reward 2: Small Spirit Hierogram [Small Spirit Charm]: 1 (When your MP reaches below 75%, it is automatically refilled with this activated (15000/15000) )
  • Reward: (Gold: 90 Exp: 150 SP: 33 Rep: 3)

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