Step 1

  • Speak to The Elder (327, 427)

Step 2

  • Speak to Apothecary Yi Yun (314, 425)
  • Collect 5 Salvia Root (Farmable, some locations: 376, 408; 302, 406; 384, 350; 361, 342;
  • Reward (Exp: 50)
  • You cannot gather materials unless you have the pickaxe in your inventory. You can purchase the pickaxe for 2000 coins at any Merchant. Pickaxe is the 2nd item found in the 2nd tab. Having it in your inventory will let you farm any material in your level range.

Step 3

  • Speak to Apothecary Yi Yun (314, 425)
  • Basic Apothecary Skill
  • Reward (Exp: 50)

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