Characteristics Edit

Clerics are ...

  • Graceful and blessed by divinity.
  • Clerics are part of the same elegant race as that of the Archers.
  • They too have flight as an innate attribute.
  • They can heal, curse, and can call on the earth elements of thunder and wind.
  • They are good at assisting warriors during battle.
  • Good at support magic, revival and powerful Metal magic.

Starting Attributes Edit

Starting Attributes
Health Points
Mana Points
Physical Attack Power
Magical Attack Power
Attack Speed

Movement Speed
Physical Defense Power

1.25 atk/sec
4.8 m/sec

Weapon Choice Edit

  • Weapon of Choice: Spiritual Weapons

They are a good match for closed combatants since their long ranged spiritual prowess complements the short range of melee warriors, which in turn balances the Clerics' inadequacy in physical attacks. Although in PvP The best thing a Cleric should do is R U N.

Grouping/Party Edit

Clerics are the primary healers in any party. they are masters of healing and recovery spells, and protective buffs. However, if the need be, Clerics can double as hybrids. it is also worth noting that clerics are in high demand therefore are quick to find parties unlike Archers.

Solo vs. Party Edit

Although Clerics are party based, it is possible for them to solo. However, this would mean spending more money on coins armor and reviving scrolls.


Clerics are not very good Pvp'ers, because of their main role as "healers". they might be used in group PvP'ing(look at unspoken rules) there are certain rules that are agreed on, ie: "60' v "30" "60" will always win...AKA: dont kill a character 30 levels under you. not only will you be killed but you gain nothing anyway.

The Unspoken Rules of PvPEdit

Never kill anyone 5 levels below(above is fine just beware)

  • Group PvP'ing generally frowned upon
  • Fine, if Verse other groups
  • NOT fine if a player calls upon his whole faction to hunt the person that kill him/her
  • Ambushing... is perfectly fine just NOT repetitively