The Chatbox Interface

01. Lock / Lock the chat window to the selected lines of text.
02. Normal Chat / Display and speak on normal chat channel.
03. Party Chat / Display and speak on party chat channel. (Symbol !!)
04. Guild Chat / Display and speak on guild chat channel. (Symbol !~)
05. Whisper / Display PMs and speak only to target player. (Symbol /)
06. Trade Chat / Display and speak on trading chat channel (Symbol $)
07. Establish Chatroom / Allows you to open a chatroom.
08. Join Chatroom / Allows you to join an existing chatroom.
09. World Chat / Broadcast a message that can be seen by all players.
10. Smiley / Emoticons list. Allows you to add an emoticon to your message.
11. Chat Box / Type a message to be displayed on the selected channel.
12. Chat Channel Menu / Choose the chat channel you wish to use.
13. Chat Window Options

  • Change Size Button / Changes Chat Window size.
  • Change Background Button / Changes background of Chat Window.
  • Clear Button / Clears the Chat windows.

14. Chat Settings / Open Settings window to Chat Settings tab.

Establish Chatroom Edit

The Chatbox Interface

Join Chatroom Edit

Join Room
01. Join Name / Join the chatroom with name.
02. Join # / Join the chatroom with number.
03. Starting # / Display all rooms beginning from the number
04. Previous Button / Display previous 10 chatrooms.
05. Refresh Button / Refreshes all existing chatrooms.
06. Next Button / Display next 10 chatrooms.
07. # of Rooms / Displays the total number of existing chatrooms.

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