Evolved Serpent Soulchaser is one of the enemies in the game.

Quests Edit

World Edit

609 382(22); 605 390(22); 616 393(22); 632 378(23); 647 399(22); 655 406(24); 655 429(22); 656 412(22); 655 421(22); 662 429(23); 658 436(23); 670 401(23); 665 409(23); 665 423(24); 681 400(22); 680 414(24); 680 419(27); 686 403(26); 690 410(26); 686 416(27);

Default Drop Edit

Sharp Tooth Tusk Condensed Health Potion Condensed Mystery Potion Reinforced Leather Woven Fang Arrow Quiver III Broken Cyan Jade Lucky Box ☆Winged Dragon Scalecuffs ☆Sleeves of the Cosmos ☆Serrated Wing Bracers ☆Amulet of Eight Treasures ☆Morning Dew Belt ☆Winged Dragon Scalechaps ☆Serrated Wing Cuisses ☆Pants of the Cosmos ☆Genesis Sleeves ☆Serendipitous Vambraces ☆Genesis Sleeves ☆Serendipitous Vambraces ☆Necklace of Inner Peace ☆Radiant Collar ☆Artist's Pendant ☆Genesis Pants ☆Serendipitous Cuisses ☆Cuisses of Antiquity ☆Artist's Pendant ☆Necklace of Inner Peace ☆Radiant Collar ☆Serendipitous Cuisses ☆Genesis Pants ☆Cuisses of Antiquity

Additional drop Edit

Lucky Box Friendship Crystal Scroll XII Scroll XI Crusade Order III: A Crusade Order III: B ☆Lightning Thorn ☆Chaos Soulsphere ☆Darkglow Soulglaive ☆Chrono Thorn Blemished Amber Shard Blemished Garnet Shard Common Citrine Shard Blemished Citrine Shard Common Turquoise Shard Blemished Turquoise Shard Common Sapphire Shard Blemished Sapphire Shard Common Garnet Shard Common Amber Shard Blemished Alabaster Shard Authentic Work XII Authentic Work XI Pumpkinhead Pill Blemished Topaz Shard Common Ruby Shard Blemished Ruby Shard Common Amethyst Shard Blemished Amethyst Shard Common Aquamarine Shard Blemished Aquamarine Shard Common Alabaster Shard Common Topaz Shard Big-headed Kid Pill ☆Exorcisor's Pataka ☆Elemental Pestle ☆Pure Sword ☆Demon Dominator ☆Pure Jade Sword ☆Heavenly Pestle ☆Evoker's Pataka ☆Venus Wand Oracle X Oracle IX Monkey King Pill ☆Whirlwind Handaxes ☆Ear Splitting Hammer ☆Golden Sledgehammer ☆Sky Breaker ☆Armor Smashing Sledgehammer ☆Flash of Glory Handaxes ☆Crescent Moon Poleaxe ☆Purple Sun Hammer Fat Bro Pill ☆Instakill Claw ☆Instant Strike Fist ☆Anyang Crossbow ☆Thunderclap Shot ☆Crescent Moon Bow ☆Windflower Blades ☆Moonsnow Blades ☆Sword of Secrets ☆Helm Piercing Spear ☆Phoenix Wing Mace ☆Clumsy Falchion ☆Elephant Trunk Scythe ☆Goose Down Spear ☆Silver Carp Scythe ☆Thunder God's Mace ☆Rambler's Sword ☆Wings of Protection ☆Spiritchaser Claw ☆Verdant Falchion ☆Eagle Strike Bow ☆Pearly Shot ☆Twin Sight Blades ☆Flaming Fist ☆Skysplitter Wraith Officer's Envelope Secret letter Mold: Light Hat of Devil Bone Mold: Ghoul Bane